Open November 2021

Open November 2021

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Experience 40 playable phonographs with early music recordings, includes cylinders and 78 RPM records.

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How'd We Get Here?

Curator Charlotte Pack

invites you to listen and explore the development of early music recording and record collecting.

The exhibition
"How'd We Get Here?"
provides the opportunity to

  • Connect Music with American History and Cultural Events 

  • Explore the Artifacts from Thomas Edison’s crank phonograph to the iPod

  • Be Inspired through the music and stories of the inventors and musicians who overcame their challenges to create the American Music Industry

  • Enjoy, a multi-generational, interactive fun outing

  • Rome through the vinyl records and gift shop 

In the News

Music Makers Museum

featured in the national video

Sentimental Reflections.

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See the video clip below. 

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   Phonographs In History

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 2021 Season

Music Makers Museum is open by scheduled appointments on the weekends.
Please call ahead to schedule your visit.



For your enjoyment Music Makers Museum, is creating a series of videos. They explore early recording artists and the popular phonographs people used to enjoy music. The videos are being created from the museum's exhibition "How'd We Get Here?"  
They are periodically being uploaded to
Music Makers Museum Facebook Posts and

our new YouTube Channel. 


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For an overview of music history and how people have enjoyed listening to music from Thomas Edison's phonograph to Steve Jobs' Ipod see video below.







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