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 Welcome from the Packs


Rodney and Charlotte Pack 

Rodney provides meticulous care in restoring phonographs, even polishing the screws. This has earned him the nickname "The Phonograph Man". As we started sharing the phonograph collection with more people, it morphed into a larger collection evolving to the iPod. In 2010, we shared the collection with over 200 elementary school children in Greenfield, Ohio. Their intense interest pushed us over the edge. We decided to share our private collection with more people. You see, it is not only our passion to enjoy antiques and history, but also to share that history with others.

We combined our skills. Rodney's restoration and handyman skills. He is a Master Electrician by trade, and together we have operated D & P Electric Services LLC for over 35 years. 

I am an author and journalist with museum curator skills. Then we sprinkled in my interest in Professional Storytelling and added a dash of time, five years in creating the exhibition. The result is one of only a handful of museums worldwide devoted to early music recording and record collecting. The museum contains 40 playable phonographs, you can both see and hear this early recording technology dating  back to the late 1800s.


We are a small museum located in rural southeastern Ohio with a big mission. Our mission is to preserve the early recording technology, educate people about its history and inspire people. Like the musicians and inventors the exhibition How'd We Get Here?  explores, we all have talents to share and struggles to overcome. Each of us can make the world a better place by developing and sharing our gifts. We hope Music Makers Museum may help provide you a note of  inspiration.

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Hi, we are glad you are here. Rodney and I have been collecting antiques for over twenty-five years. We are excited to share with you the history of early music recording and record collecting. Where did the idea of Music Makers Museum come from?

Learn More About How the Collection Developed 

Rodney Pack was interviewed on the Grand Opening Day of Music Makers Museum.  Read the News Story. 

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